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Trees Workshop


  Bialowieza Forest, the last primary forest in Europe, is an excellent place to learn about biodiversity. Our workshops were focused on trees, which here reach astounding, even record sizes! Several excursions with lectures of the best specialists in various fields certainly inspired our participants to introduce greenery, afforestation and shrubs to the urban landscape.

Biodiversity, dendrology and urban greenery workshop

had place in Wejmutka, 03.10.2014 – 7.10.2014

We had an amazing time during our last workshop hosted in cooperation with Soontiëns Ecology from Netherlands (3.10.-7.10.2014)! The main topic were trees, natural forest ecosystems and biodiversity on the fantastic example of Białowieża Fo...rest, which was truly outstanding in its autumn, colourful apparel. WEJMUTKA Białowieża Biodiversity Academy hosted 11 professional arborists, landscape designers, tree workers and eco gardeners. This very intensive workshop included many lectures, intense excursions and long talks about the forest. We hope that besides learning our participants also bonded, so that additionally these few days will result with new and true friendships. We also hope that we see them again next year during the next edition of Trees, Natural Forest Ecosystems and Biodiversity Workshop!

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Many thanks to our extremely wise lecturers:
- Ewa Zin, for a great lecture of fires
- Bogdan Jaroszewicz, for some fantastic insights to natural forests
- Karol Zub, for amazing lessons about fauna & flora of the Białowieża Forest
- Irek Ruczyński, for precious knowledge about bats
- Kamil Witkoś, for teaching us about Roads for Nature
- Martijn van de Loo, the head of our partership company, Soontiens Ecology, which organized this workshop with us
And also many thanks for all the participants - you were great! Hope to see you next year!


Programme included:

  • Ecosystems of the Białowieża Forest

     (dr hab. Bogdan Jaroszewicz, BSG UW)

  • The history of fires in Białowieża Forest

     (Ewa Zin, IBL Białowieża)

  • Biodiversity of Białowieża Forest - Fungi, insects and animals

     (Karol Zub, IBS PAN Białowieża)

  • Bats of the Białowieża Forest  

     (Ireneusz Ruczyński, IBS PAN Białowieża)

  • Roads for Nature

     (Kamil Witkoś, The Roads for Nature Society)

These themes will be implemented in the form of a fieldworkshop. Participants will go on expeditions, among others, to the Białowieża National Park Strict Reserve.

The workshop language will be English.


SOONTIENS ECOLOGY (Holland) & WEJMUTKA Białowieża Biodiveristy Academy



If you are interested in participating in this or other workshops please contact us via biodiversity@wejmutka.pl

Check out our biodiversity workshop offer. We are open also to your ideas, so don't hesitate to write to us! We can help you manage any kind of nature workshops.


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