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NEW YEAR 2011/2012 in Bialowieza Forest

Do you know that winter is the best time to observe European bison in the Bialowieza forest? Bison is the symbol of the Bialowieza National Park. Every year thousands of people arrive to Bialowieza Primeval Forest to see this dignified animal but it is very difficult  in summer nature. Winter is the best period to do it!!!  Also this season gives chances  to see many different species in wilderness. Not only the mammals are easier to observe  in winter.   For example you can go for bird watching.  You can see woodpeckers ( e.g. Three-toed Woodpecker, White Backed Woodpecker ), owls (e.g. them Pygmy Owl )  and especially winter visitors  from the north -  among them: Bohemian Waxwing,  Brambling,  Rough-legged Buzzard.





Friday 30 12. 2011


Guests arriving and check-in in Wejmutka from 2 pm.

19.00 – dinner

20.00 - Nature film about Bialowieza forest - introduction to the primeval forest


Saturday 31. 12. 2011

8.30 -  Breakfast,

9.30  -  Guided trip to the Strictly Protected Area of Bialowieza National Park (up to 6 hours trip depending on the weather condition ) pocket lunch

20.00 – dinner and New Year celebration party! 


Sunday 01.01.2012

9.00 – breakfast

10.00 - Walking trip to the European Bison Show Reserve (about 4 hours)

15.00 Pygmy Owl observation trip - about 3 hours.  This trip is paid extra.

18.00 - Dinner by the Bon - fire  (if the weather is nice enough)


Monday 02.01.2012

5.30 trip with a guide with possibility to observe bison in its natural habitat (own car with a seat for a guide is needed) This trip  is paid extra

Breakfast – as a Pocket lunch

13.00 -  light lunch

14.00 Horse sleigh ride in snow or horse carriage trip to the forest (kind of carriage depend on the weather) This trip is paid extra.

19.00  Dinner


Tuesday 03.01.2012

9.00 Breakfast

12.00 – check- out or extension of your stay at Wejmutka at special prices.





Prices of New Year stay package (4 days long) :


Double standard PLUS room 2400 pln.

Double Apartment type room 2700 pln.

 Single room 1500 PLN

Prices include accommodation, traditional polish meals-  breakfasts, lunches, dinners, New Year's dinner and party, guiding service on 31. 12 2011 , nature films about Bialowieza Forest, parking, internet, tourist nature information.

Additional costs:

local tax 1.86 pln. / day per person

Guiding service -  02 .01. 2012 450 pln. -  6 hours

 Sleigh ride in snow 02. 01. 2012 - 250 pln. up to 3 hours

Ticket to the Bialowieza National Park  31. 12. 2011 / 21 pln. per person

Ticket to  the European bison Show Reserve 01.01. 2012/  6  pln.  person

Pygmy Owl observation 01. 01. 2012 – about 100 pln. / hour (cost depend on the size of a group)

If you are interested in this offer contact with us:



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