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Aandrzej Bobiec

PhD Andrzej Bobiec - Agroecology and Landscape Architecture Rzeszów University

Andrzej has been studying the influence of natural and cultural factors that have shaped today's old-growth stands in Bialowieza Primeval Forest, with a particular interest in historical and contemporary processes responsible for oak regeneration. In 1995-2005 a chair of the Society for the Protection of the Bialowieza Primeval Forest (TOPB), in 2005-2010 a head of research of the European Forest Task Force, BirdLife International. Studying dendroecology of beech-fir foothill and mountain forests and teaching classes in forest conservation and landscape ecological functions.

PhD Dorota Czeszczewik - Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Dorota's main research fields include ecology and conservation of cavity- nesting birds, especially Ficedula flycatchers and woodpeckers (breeding biology, predation, foraging strategy), breeding bird communities, and tree stands dynamic.


PhD Bogdan Jaroszewicz - Head of Bialowieza Geobotanical Station Faculty of Biology, Warsaw University


Bogdan is a lecturer at the University of Warsaw and research ecologist with an interest in understanding plant–animal interactions and how they impact the diversity and functioning of forest ecosystems. His whole professional life has been devoted to conservation of Bialowieza Forest (in the administration of the Bialowieza National Park) and more recently to studying forest ecology at the Białowieża Geobotanical Station of the University of Warsaw. 


PhD Rafał Kowalczyk-

Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Science

Rafał is a mammal ecologist at Mammal Research Institute in Bialowieza. He is conducting studies on population biology, behavioural ecology and foraging strategies of large (Lynx, Wolf) and medium-sized carnivores (Badger, Raccoon Dog, Red Fox) and large ungulates (European Bison, Moose). Rafał is the author of over 40 scientific papers, book chapters and articles. His current study focuses on foraging ecology and conservation management of European Bison and Moose.


MsC Martijn van de Loo 



Martijn studied Wildlife Management at Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands. He has been guiding many wildlife trips to France, Hungary, Germany, Portugal and Spain. His main expertise is herpetology and general ecology. He has great knowledge of Bialowieza and surroundings. During his study  he lived in bialowieza for six months monitoring amphibians and writing a management plan. One of his daily jobs is advising on biodiversity in urban areas.

MSc Ruslan Novitsky - Institute of Zoology of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Ruslan is head of wildlife conservation department. The State scientific and production amalgamation "The sciencific and practical center for bioresources". Research interests: development of ecological network; ecological impact assessment; development of national legislation and protection measures of nature; monitoring and bio-indication; ecology, morphology and protection of amphibians.


PhD Ireneusz Ruczyński -

Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Science

Irek is working in Mammal Research Institute PAS in Bialowieza. His main research includes ecology and conservation of forest- dwelling bats, and also sensory ecology of roost selection and information transfers in bats. He conducts studies on space use, roosting and mating behavior of bats in Bialowieza Forest. In his work Irek combines field (radiotelemetry and ultrasound detection) and laboratory methods (playback experiments in flight room).

PhD Tomasz Samojlik - Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Science

Tomasz is an environmental historian employed at the Mammal Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences in Bialowieza. His research aims at answering the question how past human presence has shaped the environment of Bialowieza Primeval Forest.

Nuria Selva

PhD Nuria Selva - Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Science

Nuria’s research interests cover a wide range of topics within animal ecology and conservation biology, with a special focus on large predators. She has conducted studies on the role of wolf and lynx kills and other carrion resources in Bialowieza forest, as well as on other scavenger communities. Currently she leads several research projects on brown bear ecology. She has been rehabilitating wild animals in Bialowieza and loves just walking in the forest.

Arkadiusz Szymura, MSc forestry - Nature Tours "PYGMY OWL" Bialowieza

Arek, now with over 30 years' experience in birdwatching, supporting research and exploring Bialowieza Primaeval Forest, is an expert in the field of nature. For many years he was a teacher of botany at the Forestry College in Białowieża. He is one of the four who in 1985 established Polish Society for Bird Protection (former name North Podlasian Society for Bird Protecion). One of his interests is music and once you are in Bialowieza’s church you can listen to him playing organs.

Mateusz Szymura, MSc forestry -Bialowieza National Park

Mateusz is an employee of Bialowieza National Park where he is the head of the Nature Conservation Department. Apart from 10 years of forestry education Arek gave him priceless lessons of Nature. In his career he guided thousands of people including prince Charles. Since 2009 he has been carrying out researches concentrated on birds.

MSc Wouter de Vries

Wouter is a naturalist with a specialization in amphibians, conservation and education. Nature has always been the mayor line in his life. Since 2008 he is active in the Spanish educative and research association AMBOR and organizes research, survey and monitoring on amphibian and other fauna in Sierra Norte Natural Park in southern Spain.

Prof. Wiesław Walankiewicz - Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Wiesław’s interests lie in forest ecology centres mainly around understanding how predators (mustelids, rodents, woodpeckers) limit density of cavity-nesting collared flycachers breeding in natural cavities. His work in conservation ecology focuses mainly on how the forest management determins the density and distribution of some woodpecker species (i. e. Three-toed Woodpecker and White-backed Woodpecker). He researches also dynamics of primeval tree stands of the Bialowieza National Park.

Ewa Zin, Msc Forestry - Forest Research Institute European Centre for Natural Forests

Ewa is a researcher exploring fire history in Bialowieza Forest (Poland, Belarus) at the Forest Research Institute (IBL), European Centre for Natural Forests, Bialowieza. She is specialized in dendroecology, dendrochronology, fire ecology and forest dynamics. She studied in Poland, Germany and Sweden, and is also a tourist guide, focusing on flora and fungi. Interested in local customs, traditional architecture and handicraft. Born in Hajnówka. Local but friendly.

PhD Karol Zub - Mammal Research Institute Polish Academy of Science

Karol is a scientist working in Mammal Research Institute on ecology, physiology and genetics of mammals. He is also involved in projects concerning the role of dead wood in the forest ecosystems, with special focus on fungi and insects. For many years he guided birdwatchers in the Bialowieza Forest and Biebrza Marshes. Karol Zub is also enthusiastic photographer and naturalist, always keen to share his knowledge and experience.





MSc Olimpia Pabian - coordinator of the Bialowieza Biodiversity Academy program

Olimpia is a member of the board of  the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds – a BirdLife Partner, President of the local residents’ NGO in Białowieża, and founding Member of the Polish Rangers Association. For several years she was Manager of the Environmental Education, Nature Interpretation and Tourism Department in Białowieża National Park. She is a coordinator of amphibian conservation projects in chosen national parks in Poland, and a leader and organizer of international scientific and educational workshops. Olimpia is the founder and owner of the Białowieża Biodiversity Academy.








































































































































































































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